My 2 Cents Photography Club

Monthly Photography Event:

1. New theme every month.

2. Maximum 2 entries per participant.

3. Okay to edit photos, but image must not be altered by adding, adjusting or removing the objects from the frame. Examples of editing include cropping, removing sensor dust, healing spots, adjusting colors, saturation, white balance, contract etc.

4. Image : should not exceed 3.0 MB in size, must be in JPEG/JPG format

5. Size: maximum horizontal 2000 pixels / smaller than horizontal max size.

6. Name the file as  'First name Last name - Image title.JPG' e.g.  'Prashant Tanavade - Hope.JPG'

7. Image must be an original photograph taken by the participant. No similar/repeat submissions of rewarded images.

8. No adult/sexually explicit, violent, or humiliating contents.

9. Deadline to submit images: Saturday before the monthly meet.

Due to meeting time constraints, there will be limit on number of entries that will be shared with external speakers for review to get feedback during the meet. E.g. assume the limit is 50 images and we receive 60 entries… in that case, selected group members (on rotating basis) will select 10 entries which they think will need improvements and share feedback for those images. Those 10 photos can be from any member… existing or new. 


Participation: 5 points

Top 20% will be rewarded with bonus points as:

1st prize: 4 points

2nd prize: 3 points

3rd prize: 2 points

Honorary Mention: 1 point Participant

Link to the Points Table


Group ADMIRER: New members

Group ADDICT: Members receiving 10 recognitions while in group ADMIRER

Monthly theme will be common for both groups but members will compete in respective groups.

Participant earning maximum points will be rewarded as ‘Photographer of the Year’

New member in group ADMIRER earning maximum points will be rewarded as ‘Rookie of the Year’

After end of the season (December), we may exhibit or publish all the rewarded images in an annual Coffee Table Book (or Calendar) along with short bio of the photographer. 

Members should make sure that they have right to share/publish the image. He/she should get all the necessary permissions as needed.

Its fun social activity to encourage photographers to showcase their work and get constructive feedback to enhance their photography skills. Participants should make all attempts to keep the cost, if any, low. If there are any expenses associated with the events (e.g. calendar/coffee book printing, online storage space, photo contest tool, online meeting service, photo-walk etc) all members are expected to share it.

WhatsApp group for participants:

1. Less words 😶🤐... more 📸🤳

2. No forwards... only original contents

3. Contribute... no passive participation

4. Creative criticism of photos: No ‘very good’, ‘nice’, ‘beautiful’, ‘thank you’ etc. Rather ‘what I liked about this pic is xxx’ and ‘I would have done xxxx to make it better’. Again it’s perspective you may not agree with.

Note that its a informal group and rules may change at any time!  :)

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